Friday, January 1, 2010

Columbia River Gorge Falls

A lot's transpired since our last entry... we quit our jobs, packed up everything we owned (more or less...don't ask), drove across country and plopped ourselves down in Portland, OR. Now that the dust has settled slightly, I wanted to get this blog back up and running.

Today, January 1st, Wendy wanted to take a drive out to Multnomah Falls, out along the Columbia River (the upper Falls drop 542 ft., the lower drops 69 ft. for an approx. total of 620 ft.) We had passed through the area on the move out and from what I saw, I knew I wanted to get back out there as soon as we had the chance. Despite very typical Oregon December weather we had a great time. The place is amazing. I hope these photos do it justice.

Wendy and the Fit in the Rt. 30 parking area.

Wendy and the sign.

Wendy walking up towards the Falls. Truly amazing!

I don't know if photos could do this spot justice.

Our next stop.

My sweetie.


Any chance this area stays very damp and doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight?

The upper Falls. The path eventually got a little too icy to walk on comfortably.

Maybe a video or 2 can capture the experience...

That tiny speck on the bridge is me.

We eventually made our way into the Multnomah Falls Lodge and grabbed a table near the fireplace for lunch.

The tree next to the fireplace.

On the ride back along Historic Columbia River Highway, we passed a couple of other falls...

Horsetail Falls.

Wahkeena Falls

Latourell Falls

We also passed the Vista House at Crown Point. From here we had an amazing view of the Columbia...

Vista House, itself.

The view east...

and the view west.

Not bad for a short rainy afternoon drive.