Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lancaster/Baltimore/Cape May...October '08...Day 1

Hey! This is the first post of our new blog that allows us to share the photos of our road trips with our friends and family.

We're Wendy and Rob Kramer. We love to drive and thankfully have a new (bought in June '08) Honda Fit. Most of our free time is spent out on the road with our camera in our here's our first entry.

Over the course of a recent 5-day weekend, we drove from Hoboken, NJ (home) to Lancaster County, PA, then onto Baltimore, MD and Cape May, NJ. The initial drive was done along (or what remains of it) old Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental roadway in the US...

Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ

Edison Monument, Edison, NJ

The Metuchen Inn, Metuchen, NJ...on Lincoln Highway

New Brunswick, NJ train station

Wendy at Carnegie Lake outside of Princeton, NJ

One of the many buildings on the Princeton University campus

Wendy in Princeton

Calhoun St. Bridge...where old Lincoln Highway crosses the Delaware River into PA

Big Marty's in Penndel, diggin' those bellbottoms!

Me want!

A Chipotle Pit Stop in PA

Heading down into the Susquehanna Valley

The name pretty much says it all.

The Fulton Steamboat Inn, Lancaster, PA. Robert Fulton's Birthplace is not far from here.


The Keeper's Notes said...

Cool new blog, great pics. I'd also like to see a pic of the car that gets you to all these places!

Jesse said...

Very nice series of photos, Rob. I guess you guys are in love with your Fit, huh? Cool...
I'm gonna look forward to your little jaunts from now on.