Monday, October 20, 2008

Lancaster/Baltimore/Cape May...October '08...Day 2

We spent a relaxing first night at the Apple Bin Inn, ate our fill of peach pancakes and then set out for the day...

We saw more cows in the 2+ days in Lancaster County than we had seen in the past 10 years total.

Lancaster County...Tragic & Magic!
This was an actual working Amish farm at one point and the Target came along later obviously. The tour we took of the Farm was very kool.

Wendy in the fairly updated Amish kitchen

and the Amish master bedroom

The tour was also informative...
The term "Red Tape" referring to the complications of government business came from the fact that back in the 1700's government documents were tied up with specially designated handmade red twill tape. This tape signified the importance of the paper. "To cut through all this Red Tape" came from opening the red tape binding and getting to the document.

The smokehouse...Break Out The Ribs!


Don't forget to feed the kids.

Speaking of kids, the 1-room schoolhouse. Amish kids legally only need to go to school until the 8th grade.

One of the many covered bridges in Lancaster County. The woman to my right in the other window was using an E.M.F. detector, doing a little ghost hunting apparently.

Some early fall color

The Canadiana Motor Inn. A kool mid-century modern throwback across from the Amish Farm on Lincoln Highway/Rt. 30...I'm a HUGE fan of mid-century modern anything.

Speaking of classics, we stumbled upon this beauty in the cafe next door to the National Christmas Center in Paradise, PA. 3 plays for a quarter and nothing newer than the early 70's.

The 1940's exhibit at the Christmas Center

Another covered bridge

Since the Amish still don't like having their picture taken, we tried to be discreet.

A kool old gas pump in the village of Bird-In-Hand

A kool little mid-century modern house near Bird-in-Hand. This type of picture will be continually popping up on this blog.

I call this one, "Wendy with Bridge"


The Keeper's Notes said...

While I viewed this, a commercial for a portable fireplace from the Amish country ran on Vh1 Classic.

My Pencil Box Zoo said...

That's funny,'cause I heard the original concept of Vh1 came from the Amish...though just to broadcast pie-baking videos.

acmecorndog said...

I like to call this photo "Wendy With Tummy Sticking Out By Bridge".